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William L. Rutherford Limited

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Our Services   Your Benefits
15 offices across Canada and the United States of America (See Locations)   Convenience, timely responses, local assitance and effective service.
Personal involvement of service-focused senior, middle and branch management.   Timely releases, fast problem resolution, and smooth operations.
Specialist / consultants coach clients on: tariff class issues, Free Trade agreements, valuations and audits. In-house seminars and tutorials included where required.   Avoid red tape and costly penalties from: AMPSNAFTA infractions, seizures, and expensive audits.
LVS Courier (mail order) specialists.   Automatic refund system for items returned.
EDI-ready to receive, commercial documents for e-commerce and part number controlled tariff classifications.   Computer generated CCIs, always accurate entries.

Connectivity Services Available
  • Rutherford Global Website: Client can check the status of every shipment by their unique identification (ie. CCN / Reference Number). Importer knows what port and time the shipment cleared customs and will know when to expect input to inventory. Fillable customs forms available for our clients or their suppliers are on-line. Contact information for all our office across Canada.

  • Client Support Website: A secure website that allows clients to login and download Recap, B3, or Duty & Tax Summary information in the form or a Microsoft Excel file or an Adobe PDF file.

  • RNS Email Notifications: Receive automatic email notification to the email address of your choice when your shipment is Customs Released.

  • Automatic Meat Inspection Notifications (must be part of the RNS Program): As part of the above program you will be notified if your meat shipment requires CFIA inspection at its destination.

  • EDI Trade Data Exchange: To speed up the processing of your information for Customs Release provide us with your data electronically via EDI and we can process the information quickly and efficiently.

  • E-Billing: Receive your invoicing from us via email as a PDF attachment of the invoice and B3 (if applicable).

  • EDI Billing: Receive our invoicing information via EDI to your system for processing and invoice payment.

  • Consolidated Billing: Consolidate our invoices into a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly billing cycle, delivered electronically with a summary recap of the charges.

  • Emailing GST Statements: Any new client that is part of the GST Direct Program, receive a monthly statement via email with the total due to the Receiver General of Canada for GST.

  • Electronic Duty & Tax Summary: Our CLVS accounts receive an email with a Duty & Tax Summary for each transaction. A D&T summary would replace the standard B3 form.

  • Mobile Apps Coming soon iOS and Android apps to assist in shipment tracking, company contacts, and to faciliate easy information exchange.


Rutherford is a long-standing and proud member of the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers (CSCB).