William L. Rutherford Limited


William L Rutherford Limited employes technology to faciliate data exchange between systems. We offer hands free trade between your system and or own via EDI. Advantages of using EDI are:

  • Accuracy; No keying errors or inelgible scans/faxes
  • Efficent; Goods are setup and cleared at a much faster rate when data is exchange electronicaly among parties
  • Custom reports can be exported from our sytem directly into your system using a variety of file formats and tranmission methods
  • With the flexibility of our software we are able to accept data in a variety of formats including custom propeiatry formats
  • Online secure client reporting.

    Using our secure client portal, customers can access their own importing data and generate a variety of reports 24x7

    Online PARS tracking. Carriers or customers can track their shipment through our online tracking system using a cargo control number or purchase order

    Automatic Email Notification of releases. Get notified once the shipment has been released by customs.

    E-Billing: Get your invoice and clearance documents electronically. Using this method you get them faster and have the option of importing data into your system through E-mail, secure FTP, web portal, AS2, or other secure communication means.

    Coming soon mobile apps for iOS and Android to make access on the go even easier.


    Rutherford is a long-standing and proud member of the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers (CSCB).